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Encouraging and supporting your children

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We believe that personal and social developments are key areas. Unless a child feels happy and secure, no meaningful learning will take place. Getting to know each child as an individual, observing them and listening to them and their parents, helps identify the next steps for planning their development.


Assessment of team practice is built into our planning cycle through the evaluation of activities, peer observations and reflection as part of team discussion, appraisal/supervisions and team meetings. We know whether children are progressing through daily observation, records, on-going relationship and assessment of data including input from key workers, other staff, parents/carers, outside agencies.


Individual team members are ‘tuned in’ to the children in their care, providing opportunities to access activities in each of the  areas of learning as part of our continuous curriculum. We have planned ‘Activities and Events’ that coincide with multi-cultural festivals and special days throughout the year. An ‘Activity and Event’ letter is sent home for the parents to view, and includes ideas for things you can do at home with your child which promotes parent involvement in your child’s learning.

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  • To encourage and support children, through play, to explore life in a safe and stimulating environment.

  • We believe children learn best in a relaxed and positive environment and provide an atmosphere where every child can make the most of their abilities.

Learning and development is grounded in each child's sense of self-worth and security through the Little Monkeys Philosophy

  • We understand that children develop at different rates and by treating each child as an individual, we believe   children will thrive and be prepared for the important next steps in their life.